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UFE encourages DG TAXUD to deepen the project of a one-stop shop for customs clearance
UFE encourages DG TAXUD to deepen the project of a one-stop shop for customs clearance

By enabling the dematerialization of the documents required for customs clearance operations (licenses, authorizations, certificates), its development promotes both their fluidity,
the customs supervision of sensitive goods as well as the real-time vision by the competent authorities
of the flows released under cover. applicable documents.

The changes envisaged are going in the right direction, both on a technical level (EU - SW CERTEX) and on a legal level, with the desire to establish a common framework promoted by the Customs 2020 project group.

UFE insists, however, on two major elements, to accompany these future developments.

In the first place, it is necessary to seek the deepening of the harmonization of customs requirements, both statutory and in terms of the execution of customs controls.

This is the main condition to allow a real customs union as much as the expression of a true "unique" market.

As such, following the recommendations of the European Court of Auditors:

"Customs controls can guarantee the protection of the EU's financial interests only if they are based on common rules and applied in a harmonized and standardized way by the Member States."

It is also important that developments in the Single Window project benefit from the forthcoming EU Action Programs
in support of the Customs Union to contribute to the financial sustainability of the European Customs Information Systems.

On the other hand, the customs services can promote the assistance to users of the one-stop shop, if they have appropriate training, both in the mutual knowledge between customs services of the Member States and through the strengthening of their technical, linguistic capabilities and their physical and telephone availability.

European certified training for customs officials could be promoted by DG TAXUD.

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16. 01. 2019, 12:20