BREXIT – Chaos in Europe?

Apr 9 2019 by

Does Brexit bring chaos and injustice to France and Europe?

All customs officials are concerned by BREXIT. The unpublished release of a member of the European Union of Community Space will have unavoidable consequences on the activity of the customs services, in France as everywhere elsewhere in Europe: reinstatement of customs declarations for eachgoods movement, increased controls and inspections of goods, according to the rules already applicable between the European Union and third countries. Whatever the scenario envisaged, customs services are all heavily involved to allow regulation of the flow of goods and people which preserves the safety and security of cargo entering and leaving the European Union. The preparations for BREXIT also reveal an already fragile customs situation: for many years, victims of permanent restructuring, customs officers are present on all fronts, in a more fragmented and risky international environment, while now heightened vigilance against transnational criminal organizations that fuel international terrorism. This increased activity must result in concrete measures to enable customs authorities to perform satisfactorily missions with high stakes for safetynand the well-being of European citizens: workforce, salary level, training, working conditions work, infrastructure. Despite several inter-union discussions at ministerial level, the SNCD-FO (UnionNational Customs Officers-FO) finds that the proposals are not up to parissues. It regrets that the conditions for a constructive and calm social dialogue are not at the rendezvous.

SNCD-FO, the trade union for upper grade officers, member of USD-FO, urges national authorities to take action significant, quickly allowing a way out of the crisis. All customs officers are fully invested in the success of their missions, regardless of their rank and functions.

The SNCD will receive tomorrow the support of the President of the European Union of Finance and Customs in Europe (UFE), in the process of negotiation and dialogue which must make it possible to guarantee a customs and customs officers adapted to the stakes. A press conference of the UFE will be held:- Tuesday, April 9, 2019 at 4 pm at the headquarters of the USD-FO: 45, rue des Petites stables75010 Paris (metro water tower or fishmonger)- Wednesday, April 10th, 2019, at 10:30, at the Calais car ferry terminal (62100 Calais)


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