UFE attends taxday 2020 in Brussels

Feb 23 2020 by

We have to fight all forms of tax fraud

UFE president Florian Koebler and UFE vice president Christian Faber attended at the taxday 2020 in Brussels. The taxday 2020 brought together a small, but influential number of policymakers, businesses, advisors, accountants, NGOs and academics to discuss the main tax challenges of the moment. Besides the recent developments of the OECD pillar I and II, the G20 initiatives on a minimum tax rate, the new European Commission’s tax agenda was focused. New global challenges (US tax reform) and the discussion about our climate were discussed under the view of taxes and customs. A broad majority of the audience agreed that ethics play a huge role and tax fraud is not acceptable in a fair global economy system.

Paul Tang (MEP) said in his speech, that we need to turn the EU into the global tax cop: discovering, exposing and fighting all forms of taxevasion, outside and inside the EU.


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