49th Commitee in Dublin

Sep 21 2018 by

At the 49th UFE Committee Congress on the 21th September in Dublin the Committee elected a new Presiding Board, the chairmen of the UFE Tax and Customs Commissions and the auditors.

The new president is Florian Köbler (GER), vice-presidents are Arnaud Picard (FR), Didier Jasselin (FR), Lorna Merry (GB), Dermot Brown (IE), Christian Faber (LU), Paulo Ralha (PT), Thomas Eigenthaler (GER). The presiding board is completed by UFE General Secretary Rafael Zender.
New Chairman of the UFE-Tax Commission is Didier Jasselin, former and new Chairman of the UFE Customs Commission Arnaud Picard.

Auditors are Pierre Pezzotta (LU), Joel Majerus (LU) and Jean-Philippe Sancey (FR).

The former president, Serge Colin, was elected Honorary President, the former Chairman of the UFE Tax Commission, Fernand Muller, was elected Honorary member.


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