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Facing the rapid spread of the Coronavirus Covid-19 in Europe as in the rest of the world, States have taken strong and unprecedented measures, aiming above all to slow down its development by “social distancing”. Border controls have been re-established, and emergency economic support measures are being developed in order to reduce the destabilization of economic and social life as much as possible.

Some European leaders speak about a state of health war. For the World Health Organization, this new kind of virus represents a threat to all of humanity.

UFE fully supports all emergency measures. In this context, everyone must adopt barrier gestures and temporarily adapt their lifestyle.

The first priority for finance, tax and customs officers, who continue to participate in essential public services, is to be able to protect themselves in their professional activity and protect all those with whom they may be in contact.

This means that it is essential to have adequate protective equipment (masks, hydroalcoholic gels).

UFE therefore asks the States to coordinate their efforts as much as possible and in particular to encourage the endowment of essential materials to public officials ensuring the continuity of public financial and customs services.

UFE recalls that they participate, in these times of acute health crisis, in the essential functions of States, aimed at providing protection to populations and securing the flow of goods and people.

In particular, finance civil servants provide support to businesses and employees to defer charges and support employment, with many employees finding themselves out of business. Customs officers are responsible for enforcing control measures at land, sea and air borders, in particular at the borders of the European Union.

They also facilitate international shipments of emergency medical supplies.
The UFE congratulates warmly all those who will be “on deck” in this new great battle. Our values at the service of our peoples are our collective pride in these difficult times. This severe crisis must strengthen solidarity between European states and between European citizens. Europe is united.

The unpredictable situation in which we are immersed should allow us, when the time comes, to reexamine our economic models in order to strengthen public health, security and economic support services.

Let us be courageous and calm! Let us protect ourselves and fight together against this enemy!



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