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World customs day 2018
Facing new challenges, the customs administrations in Europe should immediately increase their capacity and capability and improve the conditions of work of their employees.
For world customs day, the Presiding Board of UFE, meeting in Paris on the 26th of January 2018, wish to highlight the increasing difficulties Customs officers are facing today, everywhere in Europe.
Facing new challenges (fight against terrorism, cybercrime, money laundering, counterfeiting, safety of transations), Customs officers are on the front line protecting their fellow citizens.
At the same time, they are being asked to be more efficient in how they carry out controls while at the same time facilitating the fluid movement of goods.
We must also remember that Brexit will create additional challenges.
At this time the main priority for UFE in 2018 is to encourage tax authorities across Europe to increase their Customs capacity and capability (human resources, equipment and training) to ensure that officers can safely deal with these new challenges.
On this world day of Customs, women and men working in all areas of Customs enforcement and administration deserve all our gratitude.


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