The foundation of UFE

May 22 1963 by

The foundation of UFE
At the request of the Dutch and German colleagues, the Union of Finance Officers in Europe (UFE) was founded at the conference in Munich on 22 May 1963. The foundation charter was signed by colleagues from Belgium, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Austria and Switzerland. The French organisation had already declared its accession to UFE orally and in writing in advance.
Hermann Fredersdorf was elected President, Vice Presidents became Jan Wilhelm Bon-nink (the Netherlands), Dr. Walter Pariasek (Austria) and Hendrik van der Wee (Belgium).

According to its statutes, UFE had set the following goals for itself: organisational combination of all, if possible, European finance unions with democratic legitimation constant exchange of opinions and experience among the member associations of UFE:
-mutual support and promotion of the member associations of UFE
-representation of common interests with the European and national institutions
-representation with the top union organisations



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