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UFE and CESI reaffirmed their agreement on cooperation
CESI President Romain Wolff (left) and UFE President Florian Köbler The Union of .....

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01. 06. 2019, 22:16
Initial meeting with the World Customs Organization
Caption from left to right: Didier Jasselin, Paulo Ralha, Christian Faber, Florian .....
01. 06. 2019, 13:55
UFE Presiding Board in discussion with the Belgian trade unions affiliated to UFE
At the 155th meeting in Brussels the UFE Presiding Board discussed with Aubry Mairiaux, President of UNSP/NUOD the challenges of the Belgian Tax and customs officers. Main topics of the discussion were the Brexit, personnel shortages, constant increases in performance requirements, the deterioraton of working conditions and the UFE spectre of possibilities to support the Belgian colleagues.
The meeting was further enriched by an exchange of views about taxation and customs policies with Nuno Félix, Fiscal Counsellor to the Permanent Representation of Portugal to the European Union.

01. 06. 2019, 13:24